Anti-depressant made of silk.

Why wear a La F silk scarf? What could be more pointless in today's tyranny of the reasonable. Why dance? Drink champagne? Kiss on the mouth? Together, let’s fight a colourful battle against the sadness and monotony of coming times. You are so right, dear Marcel Proust: “We are all obliged, to make reality bearable, to entertain some little follies in us.”

Made in Como, Italy.

La F chose to make its squares near Como, Italy. At the heart of the region that embodies the know-how of Italian silk work. In respect of the best European standards for environmental protection and social responsibility. La F squares are beautifully inkjet printed and the hems are hand-rolled, our only concession to conservatism.

Infinitely durable.

Thanks to the print quality of the patterns and colors, fixed forever on the silk twill, your La F square has almost eternal life. In 2150, we’ll probably find it around the neck of a robot in love with vintage. To clean your La F square of all your follies, it is prudent to entrust it to your dry cleaner.

Born of creative collaborations.

La F is a collaborative project, led by Ghislain de Villoutreys, creative director. Passionate about fashion and illustrated arts, he wanted to bring them together in this project born in 2020, motivated by a gloomy context that calls for more fantasy. La F does not follow any collection calendar, only the luck of its inspirations and its encounters with young and talented illustrators. To give life to printed fantasies, oddly square.